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About GilleyFab

  • David Gilley Jr.

    Dave is the founder of Gilleyfab. A Wyotech graduate practically born with a welder in his hand, Dave can conceptualize and deliver results that are the envy of the fabrication industry. Dave has been building custom, one-off UTVs and off-road vehicles for years and now leads the way for our team to deliver high quality, beautiful accessories for our friends in the UTV community.

    "That's dead nuts"
  • Randy Reyes

    Randy is our CEO and is also the owner of the world famous Randy's Transmissions. Randy is a highly driven individual, with a passion for being the undeniably best at whatever he touches. Randy is also our test pilot, happily testing our products in ways no remotely sane person would attempt. Randy is our voice of experience, and we are all proud to be part of his team.

    "That's hot."
  • Darrell Duggan

    Darrell is the General Manager at Gilleyfab. A graduate of Truckee Meadows Community College, Darrell has over 20 years of experience as a hands-on technician and custom car builder with a knack for outside the box thinking. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, Darrell is a valued member of the team here at Gilleyfab.

    "CPS Motherfucker!"
  • Matt Okonsky

    Matt is our Shop Foreman. A proud veteran, Matt is a graduate of Wyotech with specialties in Chassis Fabrication and High Performance Engines. He has 15+ years of experience working on everything from UTV's to wild custom cars. He brings a passion for quality and simplicity that is a core value here at Gilleyfab.

    "In a shop full of monkeys, I am King Gorilla"
  • Hunter Clarke

    Hunter is our Production Engineer, with several years experience with design, both hands on and virtual. He takes the conceptualized products he and Dave design, and streamlines them for production efficiency without sacrificing that clean, custom look you've come to expect from Gilleyfab.

    "Don't tell me how to live my life"
  • David Givens

    David is our lead production welder here at Gilleyfab. A proud Veteran and experienced fabricator with 10+ years of experience turning raw steel into fully functional works of art. David is a gearhead through and through, and has brought with him the passion and drive to deliver excellence in everything he touches.

    "(Welding noises)"

GilleyFab Enterprises

Gilleyfab Enterprises Specializes in UTV Parts and accessories, Tube fabrication, fiber laser

  • Pursue what is meaningful

    On a personal note, This building and the crew I have the privilege to work with now is second to none. I've been fabricating for over half of my life at this point and truly I'm just getting started.

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  • 2021 Polaris Turbo S

    2021 Polaris Turbo S with our front winch bumper, sport cage, tree kickers, and rear bumper protection. Sharp looking machine

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